ICE Hiring Immigration Enforcement Agents

Washington (ICE) -- ICE intends to hire hundreds of Immigration Enforcement Agents (IEA) this fiscal year. Applicants must register for consideration by November 14 and will be required to take a written test.

Immigration Enforcement Agents perform a variety of enforcement functions, including the apprehension, prosecution, detention and deportation of illegal and criminal aliens. IEAs also gather and analyze information relating to the identification, citizenship and prosecution of persons in violation of immigration laws. IEAs work with other law enforcement officers and agencies. Initial duty assignments will be in various locations nationwide.

This is an entry-level position starting at the GS-5 ($34,005–$38,471 per year) or GS-7 (from $38,703– $43,785 per year) levels, with promotion potential to the GS-9. This position is covered under federal law enforcement retirement provisions. Candidates must be appointed before reaching their 37th birthday, unless they presently serve or have previously served in a federal civilian law enforcement retirement- covered position.

Interested applicants can register for the test and learn more about the job qualifications and selection process at www.ice.gov/careers. The Internet Web site is available 24-hours a day during the open period dates.